What will happen to the steel over time?

These pits are designed to be outside and with steel, there is weathering that occurs. This can be seen as oxidation and rusting. As the pit is used to burn, there is also other coloring that will occur to the pit based on heat. These two factors combined give the fire pit an authentic look that will look great in your backyard or deck. 


What if I want a material other then mild steel (i.e. Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium)?

We are happy to support with other materials than mild steel! Please email us at pyramidfirepits@gmail.com and we can get you a quote. The reason is these prices are more variable than our mild steel. 


Does The Burner work with either fire pit?

It does! The 18-inch burner is deigned for whatever pit you are interested in. If you purchase with a gas kit, we will get the right size fittings for the pit you purchase.


Can I buy The Burner later and retro fit with my pit?

Absolutely. The modular design of our pits allows you to purchase our custom burner anytime after the purchase of your fire pit. 


Can I sit on The Cover?

The Cover is definitely sturdy enough for drinks or a charcuterie board but definitely not suitable for the weight of a person. The metal may bend if too much weight is put on top. We chose this gauge of metal to be sturdy but also light enough to be easy to use and move. 


How will my fire pit be delivered?

We will ship across the United States for free! As the fire pit can be stored flat, it will ship in a flat box. It will be heavy! Best to have a partner support with bringing it in, especially if you get The Pit. 

Pyramid Firepits will be delivered and installed free of charge if in the Portland area! After you order, you will receive a call or email to set up a time that will work well for you.


Where can I get support for my fire pit?

Please email pyramidfirepits@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. We want to learn how you’re using our fire pit and how it’s working out for you.


Where can I put my fire pit?

Based on the entire steel construction, please make sure you have a base that will support it getting warm. Earth, concrete and stone surfaces are the best bases. 


Is there a warranty?

If you do have issues with your fire pit, we would love to hear from you! Please email pyramidfirepits@gmail.comThere is no warranty on this product because there’s not really anything that will happen to the quarter inch steel other than weathering.